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Fill out the Form below to receive further information.

Directions: Please fill out all sections of this sheet. The Information request is for initial evaluation of your qualifications as a Wings-N-Things Restaurant Franchisee and is kept strictly confidential.

Completion of this sheet is not an offer to purchase a franchise and does not obligate you or Wings-N-Things of America in any way. This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the New York Department of Law. Such filing does not constitute approval.

General Information
How did you hear about Wings-N-Things Franchise?
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I am most interested in: (select one) Single-unit operation
  Multiple-unit operation
Location Preference: (City/State)
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Personal Information
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Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yy)
SSN #: (123-45-6789)
Home Phone: (123-456-7890)
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Please explain any business or restaurant experience you may have: (experience NOT required)

Financial Information
(For pre-qualification purposes, your accuracy of the following is imperative)
Annual income from present occupation: $
Other income: $ Per Year
If you have other income, please explain:
Would this business be your sole source of income:     Yes      No
If NO, please explain:

Own home or rent: Yes No If Yes, Current Home Value: $
Mortgage Balance: $ Total Assets: $
Total Liabilities: $ Net Worth: $
Cash available for investments:$ Total financing available: $
Do you have a financing source:Yes     No
If qualified, when would you be ready to invest in your Wings-N-Things Restaurants Franchise:  


Or, contact us by using:
Wings-N-Things of America, Inc.
10505 Shady Trail, Ste. 900
Dallas, TX 75220
Fax: 214-902-7909
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