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F.J. Spillman - Chairman of the Board and President

F.J. Spillman had an extensive background in the restaurant business.
He founded his first corporation in 1960, Pizza Inn, Inc., at age 22.
He opened over 700 Pizza Inn restaurants worldwide, then sold his franchise in 1987.
With a vision to support the services needed for Pizza Inn,
Mr. Spillman founded Norco Distribution Center in 1965.
In 1976, he founded Quality Sausage Company, another Pizza Inn support service.
His companies became highly successful and in 1986, he sold it to
Cheesebrough-Pond for approximately 25 million dollars.
During his tenure with Pizza Inn, F.J. Spillman was presented with a number of awards.
In 1975, he was given a Certificate of Appreciation by the
National American Pizza Association. June of 1981, he was elected to the
Institute of Food Technologists and was a business member for the Chamber of Commerce
of the United States in July of 1982.
Mr. Spillman was presented with another Certificate of Appreciation on May 16,1984
by the Japan Food Service Association, Inc. The national Association of Pizza Operators
presented him with the Gold Pizza Award in 1985 as the "Chain Operator of the year".
F.J. Spillman was the keynote speaker at Pizza Expo '85 along with such notables as
Art Linkletter and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. He has also been featured bu Coca~Cola
in the Nations Restaurant News and has been listed as the "Who's Who".
Mr. Spillman is notorious for concieving, founding, and developing several other
various restaurant chains.

Summer Spillman - Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Summer Spillman has seven years of Management experience.
She graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington in 2002.
She also has experience in Administration, Sales, and Customer Service.

Howell Kemp - Business Development

Howell Kemp has 35 years professional experience in all facets of the restaurant industry.
Mr. Kemp was Vice-President of Operations for a National Restaurant Chain of over 400 Restaurants.
He was Operational Vice resident for a multi concept theme chain and owner of multi-unit restaurants.
Howell is responsible for overseeing management and development, market research, and restaurant operations.

Dave Byars-National Franchise Sales

Dave Byars has over thirty years experience in sales and business managment.
Mr.Byars owned and operated Daves BBQ Drive-in restaurant from 1982-1986.
He was the Franchise Sales Manager for Spinner's U.S.A. Inc., and was also
a franchisee. He served as a franchise representative for Pizza Inn, Inc.
for over eight years. His skills span from market development and lease negotiations
to restaurant and construction management.

Celeste Curlee - Franchise Representative

Celeste Curlee has ten years experience in Marketing and Marketing research, as well as
fifteen years of sales experience. She has experience in designing, decorating, and advertising.
Celeste also has five years experience as a financial manager of accounting for Goelzer Industries.

Ingrid Spooner - Human Resources

Ingrid Spooner has eight years of Restaurant and Customer Service experience.

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